Sunday, March 11, 2018

$45 pancakes

Sometimes you have to stop right in your path, take a breath, and just laugh, I mean really laugh. Saturday morning was one of those times for this writer and special client. I am running around with my head cut off, which seems to be a particular theme over the last two months. Eating with clients over the years I have found to be very therapeutic and beneficial. My client is ordering us breakfast, and I am going to pick it up. It sounds like a simple task, right? I go to get the order, and something is familiar with the person who I am getting the order from? Suddenly, the person turns around we know each other. Truth be told, this person was in my Saturday group years ago. I exchange greetings, get a big hug, and I'm ready to get my pancakes. $45 bucks I hear. What? Really? Well the order got messed up, (no big deal). My person seems to be getting anxious. Know worries I must have said five times. Then it happened. I had to laugh, I'm calling my client, I can here her laughing. The manager comes over, apologizes for the mistake, and gives me the $45 of pancakes for $12 bucks the normal order. I pull up to my client's residence, and she is busting out laughing as I am carrying $45 bucks of pancakes. We really tried to eat and not laugh before we began our session, it was nearly impossible. Stay in your health, stay in the moment! Self-Balance-Higher Power-Fun

Thursday, March 1, 2018

Pick the negative out right now

Follow these directions to the tee. Deep down in my subconscious mind I am thinking about golf as I look out the window and see 15 inches of snow still on the ground! Ok, back to the exercise. Pick one thing that is negative on your mind right now. Only one. Write it down. Read it back to yourself. Now please pay attention. Where ever you are at this second, stand up, and turn around three times. Yes, like you are spinning. Sit back down. What are you thinking about right now? That negative thought you put on paper just left your mind for a second. Now here is the trick, go back to the negative thought, and ask yourself why is it negative? You just got the thought out. You identified it, thought about it, now it's time to release it. It is time to change to positive. Get back up, turn around three times, yes, I need you to do this for it to work. Sit back down. You are now in a positive mindset. Throw the negative thought away. Stay in your health, stay in the moment. Self-Balance-Higher Power-Fun

Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Fat tire

Life is about balance, right? Life is about fun, right? Life is about self time, right? Life is using your higher power, right? If this is all true, which this writer believes is then it is time to reflect on our model here at Addiction Services. The model of positive energy speaks loudly to self. If you are truly listening to our helping page then you understand balance is important to have in your life. I'm sure you are utilizing that higher power every day to pray, reflect, think, and give thanks. The positive energy flows through your mind and you are having fun! Exercise is a key component in our model. Here is a visual that I want all of you to try and picture in your mind, right now! It is minus 3 degrees, 15 inches of snow in some spots cloud the surface of a Minnesota lake. The wind is brisk, and fierce at the same time. You can see lights of the ice fisherman in their ice houses. In order to get to the lake you need to pedal with strength, on your fat tire bike. The large tires, (not studded tires-need that next) allow you to go through 3 to 4 inches of snow on a track. Two miles of hard pedaling, in dark night, you finally exit on to the lake. The wind is blowing hard and you need to keep your balance. Your eyes are focused 30 feet in front of you to keep your balance. Snow is swirling at your face, and you tell yourself to keep going! Self time, feeling that rush, on a Minnesotan lake. All of sudden it becomes eerie quiet. You look up above and see all the stars, pitch black in some areas. You realize you are on 18 inches of ice, (or you pray you are) but here the cracking of the ice as you pedal faster but still need to be in control. A higher power is guiding you. The ice will not break, you have faith! Now you can see the other side of the lake. You are almost there. Wow, you think to yourself, this is fun! In control of every thought, and working through mother nature's elements. The temperature  does not matter. Fifty feet and you made it across the lake, west to east. The feeling of accomplishment is racing through your mind. I did it, I did it. You take off your goggles, facemask, and gloves. Staying in your health, staying in the moment. Life is great, but, now you have to go back across and get home. Self-Balance-Higher Power-Fun

Thursday, January 25, 2018


Delivering education to families, clients and other mental health professionals can be a arduous task at times. Skyping with new families and clients is never a dull moment. Today I was directly asked if I could pick one word that may help rebuild parent and child relationships what would the word be? I did not have to pause one second before my brain and mouth collaborated and blurted out, excitement. You see, excitement is a word that in this writer's opinion directly connects with positive energy. Positive energy allows excitement to flow through the communication lines. When your child or teenager or now adult does something good, it is important to show excitement. I think I learned this when I was kid. My parents were huge motivators for myself. I enjoyed their excitement when I was able to do positive things! The validation that I got from their excitement and positive energy was infectious. It is difficult being a parent. Many kids, (self included back in the day) struggled with making positive choices and demonstrating positive behavior. When our kid is doing things that may be bad, it is hard to show excitement. Right? Positive energy is the last thing on my mind, replied this parent who I was skyping with. I thought about that statement before responding. The goal today was to give some education on how to rebuild the interpersonal relationship with their son. In order to work through the negative, we need to have a positive mindset, looking for creative ways to give positive feedback which we want to turn into excitement. The only way to achieve this particular goal, you have to stay positive as a parent. If we waste negative energy on things that are not working or we can't control as a parent, how will we be able to recognize positive energy? Positive energy coincides with being excited for someone. I have found that excitement can help rebuild interpersonal relationships regardless of the current challenges. Stay positive parents and clients. We all need to work together and get excited about each others accomplishments. Stay in your health, stay in the moment. Self-Balance-Higher Power-Fun

Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Life is not fair

I decided to try something different this year. Working in mental health is challenging on many levels. I am a creature of habit. I strive on trying to educate people how to stay in the moment, and work through negative energy with a positive mindset, right? I got this call a month ago from a father who is a minister, if I would be interested in doing one of my groups for teenagers who are in custody. The minister wanted a group on turning your life around using God as the guide. I thought it about it, and decided I would try to cover this (Higher Power is very important) for these young people who made a mistake. I got to the group, in our first blizzard of 2018. Tuned in my badge at the old post office, which is now a jail and met the minister in the waiting room. He then gave me a two page outline of all kinds of scripture for my group. I thanked him for his this. He seemed puzzled at this point. I could see his eyes searching for my notes, or outline, maybe even a piece of paper filled with scribbled thoughts! I looked at him, and pointed to my head. The bailiff walked me to my room, and the minister followed. There were five young man eagerly awaiting this writer. It was a great group. Sometimes these turn into train wrecks fast with this population. I'm walking out, seeing how much snow we got, (remember it was blizzard) and I thank the minister. He looks at me, and appeared was waiting for me to say something else. I looked back, and quietly said, "stay positive, your son will learn how to make it in there". He then replied, "life is not fair, but he needs to learn how to control his anger". Stay in your health, stay in the moment. Self-Balance-Higher Power-Fun


I have this client, who is working on trying to tell the truth. She is giving me permission to share this with our readers. A 36 year old woman trapped in a body in her opinion, does not feel comfortable with. She like many women who want to look their best, can easily get obsessed with how her own opinions of herself become racing thoughts. Yesterday, out of the blue, I get a call from her. This particular woman, is successful, intelligent, and has not addiction. I think she would let all of you know that her challenge is trying to keep up with other beautiful women in this world. She is a model turned actress trying to get commercials. The phone call started with, "Tod, do you ever pick up your phone"! She vented quickly, and soon began to fill this writer on her current negative energy. However, something was different this time. She was telling the truth on how she feels. She was actually doing her homework, (that I gave her- feeling charts, 1-10 etc..) breaking down her negative energy with how she felt. Truth was being told! There was no fantasy thinking.  I wanted to stop her right there, but decided to let it play out. The conversation ended with her reading a journal entry to this writer! She reflected on her desk with a pen!  I almost fell out of my chair, when I heard she was journaling, and reflecting. Now was the time for this writer to speak the truth. Remember, honesty for helper and client are needed in any healthy session. I let her know how proud of her I was and that she was able to construct a healthy platform that was based on her letting out the negative energy, reflecting on her feelings, and being able to identify her current behavior with the truth! Lying to yourself, get's old quick, been there, done it, does not promote healthy behavior in any capacity. Stay in your health, stay in the moment. Self-Balance-Higher Power-Fun

Monday, January 8, 2018

A text

Today's world is so technology advanced, this writer feels that you need to go take classes to keep up with all the social media. Well, I never took a class, or as my clients let me know daily, keep up with the times Tod! Texting is a great way to have your client check in with you, vent, or provide support miles away. This last weekend, (still not 100%, more like 76%- I increase a percent each day) I get this text from a potential, new client. I did talk to his parents, and we are in the process of scheduling a intervention. I am still suffering from this influenza, or viral what ever that I have not had the opportunity to get back to some of you. Today I slowly begin that process. I text this new guy, ok to share I was told a hour ago, and decide to blog on this text. This is a young man, who is in his 30's who is trying out for a part. It sounds like he is a determined actor, trying to get ahead and move out of his parents estate. I am told he finished three commercials, and is building his portfolio. The first text he introduced himself, and was having a hard time coping with this reading that he had later today. He wanted to use, but decided that would not help his cause. I texted back support and acknowledged that he needed change his way of thinking and take a walk? Well five minuets went by and he was sitting outside of his drug dealer's house waiting for him to get up. It was very early, and the west coast sun was not even up! I then asked if wanted to talk over the phone instead. He declined and was obviously awaiting for his guy to roll out of bed. I then texted, too bad you lost this part. He then texted back with profanity, and delivered a litany of excuses how he would nail this part. I texted back, not if you high dude. He then texted me that intervention is off, and I could go blank myself. I thought very carefully what my next text would be if any? I actually thought about calling his parents, but decided that I would lead with this. I explained to him first, I was still getting over the flu, and wanted him to understand that my patience level may be lacking. Dude, I started, if you really want this part, and really want to channel all of your talent, you don't need a pick me up, what you need is to nail this part, and show yourself that you can do it sober. If you cant do sober, then you are the only one holding yourself back. Thanks for the time, thanks for the reach out. Hope to see one of your commercials soon. Five seconds went by, and I get this text that he drove off, heading back to his house. I'm wondering in the back of my head did he use? Then I get the phone call from his mother, thanking me for talking to her son. Her son was eating breakfast and practicing his lines. I then told his mother, stay in your health, stay in the moment. Self-Balance-Higher Power-Fun