Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Slow down

Life is full of meetings, commitments, schedules and calenders. One minute we are in place, the other minute rushing to the next destination, and then the next minute hurrying to some where "over there". Stop, right in your track, un plug, and breathe. Close your eyes, breathe, and follow your thoughts to no where. Peace, breathe, open your eyes. The ability to slow down, can only help you. Turning in circles can add stress, and get you out of balance. Your body can't do 24/7 or your mind! Soon you forget what is really important, self, and we need to pay attention to self. We are great care givers for the one's we love, but need to be reminded to slow down and work on self first, then others. Meetings, commitments, schedules and deadlines are not going to go away. Give your self time in between each event, and use that time for self, before you get back into your next appointment. Take breaks during your busy day, and reflect. Get some exercise between long meetings and conference calls. Don't skip meals, and rush through your meal. Slow down, enjoy the energy that you are fueling your body with. Each day can be a healthy day, if we learn how to slow down and enjoy the moment. Here is a helpful thought that may help you plan your day. Look at your calender, decide where you can add breaks through out your day. Each break can be broken down into self time that allows you to breathe, close your eyes, listen, walk, step outside, and reflect where ever you are. Be creative. You may find yourself under a tree, sitting at a window, or on a park bench. Stay in your health, stay in the moment.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012


One of the questions that I constantly get from addicts is, " how do we have fun without our DOC- drug of choice?" Some addicts try and go back to their old behavior of what they thought was fun, and replace that same behavior without the DOC, however, the urges and cravings become too strong, and they think they can handle the fun with their DOC. This type of fun is not healthy. Fun is for new experiences, trying new things, substituting old DOC fun behavior with something brand new! What is fun? A new hobby, a new game, a new skill, a new sport, a new place, a new friend, a new pet, basically something that you have wanted to try but did not have the courage to do. Addiction is the substitute satisfaction of an unmet need. Well, if we substitute a healthy need, and begin to have fun with it, we are half way there. The ability to create fun in our life is the essence of living. We used drugs, alcohol, gambled, purged, implemented unhealthy sexual behavior to achieve fun. How did that work? Fun is something that is pleasure, we do not have to force stimulation. The trick is to let our old dysfunctional way of thinking of what fun is supposed to be like - (you already experienced that) to creating new thoughts of new things that may bring you fun! Go out there and try it, be brave, take a healthy risk for once instead of a unhealthy risk! Stay in your health, stay in the moment!

Monday, February 27, 2012

A "free way" to feel good about your self

These days everything appears to have a price tag on it. Price tags seem to allow self to concoct a plethora of ways for self not to do something because of the price. I call it a excuse or pass not to follow through. When I feel out of my health, I am able to do one thing daily that is free, inspiring, and helps me get back into my healthy! The eight letter word that we all have a excuse or make up a pass in our mind of why this thought can not be accomplished. Exercise. It's free, no you do not need a fancy health club membership, or a expensive physical trainer. All you need is the thought; it may start with your daily affirmation when you rise and shine. You take that thought (it's free), and you make time for a run, a walk, 30 minutes of push-ups or sit ups! Making time is your other excuse, or pass, that self will use, but, it's free. Once you do it, you will feel inspired, your mood will change, your thoughts become clear, and you begin to give yourself credit. Yes at the next thought of exercising, you will begin the excuse thing, and pass thing, but the thought will already be there. The last experience will help your mind run it back in a healthy way, because it is free, and we want to assocaite thoughts with price tags! Exercise is a free way to stay in your health and stay in the moment!

Friday, February 24, 2012


Start your day with a positive affirmation. I am a good person, I like where I am at. I'm going to be strong today. I am attractive. I like my body. I am in control today. I'm going to exercise today. Start making this a daily routine when you rise and shine. Check in with your self. Let yourself know how important self is. A prayer can follow with your affirmation. These few minutes each morning can help you steer your thoughts down the road for the rest of the day no matter what mood you may be in. You will be amazed on how your energy level will rise through the day! Other people will see your energy and validate your own affirmation. Stay in your health, stay in the moment!

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Reward your healthy behavior

You have reached the time to reward your self. How important it is to recognize your hard work? But wait, do not get caught up in your old unhealthy behavior thinking. I'm clean, sober, eating, working, have a support group, working on my mental health, and am building healthy interrelationships. Maybe I deserve a break, I deserve the right to dabble with my old (DOC) drug of choice, I earned it. How many of you have done this? Thinking your strong enough, and you control it this time, right? This is where the REWARD, is front in center. Go to your mirror, and look at the new you. Who is in control?  Reward your self with all the work you have done, but looking at your self in the mirror. Next, play it through, what would happen if you did dabble, you already know the outcome. The spiral of addiction begins, again, and nothing new of this so called reward happens. Reward your self with where you are now, not tomorrow, not back in the day, but now! Urges and craving do not go away, but you have the ability to let the thoughts go with the old behavior. You ARE strong, you like your self again, and are learning to love your self. The reward is you baby, be proud. Reward may be playing your favorite sport or watching someone you love play the sport! Stay in your health, stay in the moment!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Why make thing's bigger?

How many times do we let one negative thought take over our day? This particular thought soon becomes a racing thought, right? The next thing that happens is your fueling this thought with negative energy. You begin to make this thought bigger. Here is the problem: Once you take a negative thought, and make it bigger, you run it back in your mind, and focus on all the scenarios that will have a negative effect on you and the rest of your day. It becomes the channel of your negativity, that soon will capsize into the lake of negative thinking. But, with all that said, does your negative thought go away? Did your problem diminish? The answer is no. When we get a negative thought, instead of opening up a channel that will lead to a lake, why not let that thought go, and move onto a different channel that is filled with positive flow, where it opens up to a beautiful lake filled with possibilities and opportunities. When we make things bigger, we begin to beat our selves up from our past poor choices and our old behavior of negative thoughts we let take over our decision making. You have the ability to change your thoughts, at any nanosecond in the day, only you can make things bigger. Stay in your health, stay in the moment!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Addiction Model

For some of us, finding the right fit, or routine, is important in order to work our recovery model. It begins with self, and the ability to be honest with self. Once self is working on self, and not judging from the past, self begins to learn how to balance. Balance is something that we all had at one time in our life. However, balance got interrupted when our addiction began to spiral out of control. We learn to balance our life with our higher power. Higher power can be anything you want. Remember it's all about self, and how you balance your life using a higher power that is greater then you. A higher power gives us positive energy that we can use when we are struggling. Once we accept our higher power, we  begin to have fun! Fun for addicts is something we will substitute from our addiction behavior. Fun will replace our addiction. The key is trying something new, and being open to try new things that inspire us.

Life is a struggle. It can be a healthy struggle, or an unhealthy struggle. Why not stay in the moment and stay in your health? Why not gain the ability to like and love yourself again? It all starts with self - then balance - then finding your higher power while having fun!