Thursday, November 29, 2012

Look around

How many times does self get to absorbed of what is currently going on in their life? Life can be full-throttle at times. Throw in the holiday's expectations, events, and self can be totally enamored with things to do, right? When you are feeling rushed, this is the time to look around you. What do you see? Take that extra time and appreciate where you are right now. Enjoy the drive into work, back home, to the market, dropping off the kids at their events. Take that extra time and look around you, feel the energy, instead of missing all the wonderful things that you are taking for granted when you are focused on things that will get done one way or another. Practice looking around you in everything you do. My guess is that you will be shocked to see what you have been missing when your going full speed! You may recognize things that bring you peace, harmony, and positive energy. We stress ourselves on being the best we can be, which can be a positive goal. But, we need to be balanced to be our best and look around to see what is out there. Some of us follow our routine to the tee, which can be healthy, but forget that when we are on our routine, we need to look around and see what is happening in this world. Did you recognize the new building going up, or the new person who moved into your neighborhood? What about the new co-worker in your department, or a new painting in the cafeteria? Maybe a new family in your church or a new tree that has been planted in your favorite park where you walk your dog. All of these things are present, self has to look around to see them! Take the time to look around this holiday season, you have the ability to see, feel, and experience things that may give you positive energy. When self is present, thoughts become balanced, your higher power will guide you, and fun is around the corner if you are looking around! Stay in your health, stay in the moment.

Friday, November 9, 2012

Group with Senior's

The other night was a special night. One of our group members decided he was going to share his road to recovery with our group. This particular member, (who suggested that I blog about his story) is a retired businessman who lost his wife a year ago to the day. He had used alcohol for 20 years of his life, and in his opinion, never had a drinking problem. He got his first drinking citation last summer. He was court ordered to classes, and the regular monitoring. The A.A. program did not meet his needs in his words, nor did inpt treatment. He actually told our group three months ago that he could quit on a drop of a dime. The story continues as this older man, was socializing with one of his drinking buddies, and was saying goodbye to the happy hour gang. His friend appeared to be struggling with some health issues, and as he left his bar chair, his friend fell out of his chair. A mild heart attack, quickly, our older gentlemen telling the story, tried to help his friend, but he was too intoxicated to meet the challenge. The bar was dead empty, at 9:30 am on a Tuesday. Finally after a couple of horrible minuets, a waitress appeared, and called 911. The man was taken to the hospital, and was listed in critical condition. This happened last Tuesday as the story goes. The group member telling the story, has been clean for 9 days. He reports the worst 9 days of his life, but at the same time, 9 days in which he is learning how to stay in his health, and stay in the moment. Yes he can drink at any second, but at this second he is choosing not to. After telling his story, our small group offered him support and thanked him for his words. I was waiting patiently to say something, biting my tongue, and then as he walked to his chair, he turned around, and said, "I was the man who fell out of the chair, and was taken to the hospital". Sometimes it takes inner strength to come clean with self, then others, or others then self! There is no time table for recovery, no certain age, there is only the opportunity for self to change at any time! Stay in your health, stay in the moment.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Probation and Supervision

Many of our clients are put on probation or supervision during their recovery time. Some are coming right from the half-way house, sober-house, or even jail and prison. In some cases some are still incarcerated, and take part in our addiction services groups at their facility. Other clients are given one more chance to glean and work our program who were court appointed. What ever the case, when it comes for self to work through their probation or supervision, depending on if it is a state probation or a federal government supervision, there are hurdles to jump. We teach our  clients not to make things bigger in their head. We try and emphasize this point first, when they are in custody, and teach them how self can stay in their health, balance their thoughts, utilize their own higher power (what ever that may be) and have fun know matter where they are in a healthy, appropriate way! The hardest thing for these clients is being able to continue a healthy routine which allows them to transition from a highly monitored situation, to back on the streets, learning how to balance their probation and supervision with their own freedom. I can't tell you how many times I have this very talk with each client who is waiting to discharge their probation or supervision, or just beginning their probation and supervision. The point being, do not deviate from your routine. Keep it real. Don't get overwhelmed with with a probation officer who does not see eye to eye with you or think you are not in control of your thoughts. Exercise is something that you implemented when you may have been incarcerated or you began to exercise when you got on probation or supervision, keep that healthy routine up.  One thought at a time, appreciate all of the hoops you continue to jump through, and give self credit for making it through, one thought at a time. Remember, you are not on probation or supervision for ever, but you are learning how to handle those urges and cravings, and not act upon them which did not help you in your past, sometimes may have even contributed to your breaking the law. Impulsive behavior did not help you! Use your probation and supervision to help self stay balanced, accountable, and begin to recognize that your old, dysfunctional, addictive behavior, is something that you are not doing. Recovery is the goal! It does not matter where you start to recover, locked up or not. Don't make your probation or supervision, as bad as it needs to be. You control those thoughts, the reward of being off probation and supervision is that you did it clean, and you will continue to be clean, when self makes positive decisions with positive energy. This positive energy for you can start when you are incarcerated or when you are on probation or supervision. Self can control these thoughts. Stay in your health, stay in the moment.