Monday, December 31, 2012

2013 Affirmations and Goals

The start of a new year, means letting go of 2012 and remembering the positive. It's all a thought, you can control where these thoughts will take you for 2013. Work your program, don't get complacent, or over confident. The reward is being in control, and staying in the moment. Each day, say your affirmation, " I am a good person, I like my self when I'm in control and working through struggle in a positive way". Check in with your self daily, 1-10, where is your mood? Complete your hygiene, and take your medication with three healthy meals. Go to work, volunteer, or stay active during your day with trying new hobbies and new things. Make your meetings, and other mental health appointments. Exercise when you have some free time, or are working through a urge or craving. Journal your thoughts through out your day, letting the negative go. Communicate with others in that same day allowing self to vent, but listen at the same time. When it is fun time, take advantage of this time and enjoy your self while validating how important it is that you replace the negative using, purging, gambling, and unhealthy sexual behavior with something fun! At the end of the day reflect on what worked for you and where your challenges were. Take this personal time and feel good about your self, give your self the credit, for being in control. Understand that some days we all struggle but have the ability to work through any thought when we are in control. The reward is being able to run the healthy routine back, and live clean for another day! Goals through out this new year will be building healthy interpersonal relationships, understanding we can work through grief and loss and be able to be honest with our self while accepting validation and feedback from others in a positive way!  Let self make positive decisions, and learn to accept where you are now, not in the past or in the present. When you are balanced you win, and everyone around you will see the positive energy! Each thought, with  positive behavior will allow you to speak without words, and demonstrate your healthy behavior with honesty! Your higher power will guide you through anything, give it a chance, have faith! It's your higher power, use it for you. Learn to acknowledge your higher power every day, and feel the positive energy with it. Finally, let's have fun with our daily routine,  and experience new things which bring you joy! Fun is the key component into building your recovery. Remember addiction is a substitute satisfaction for an unmet need. You can create new, positive needs that bring you pleasure when you are in the moment. My goals for all of you, and self included this 2013 will be to recognize and understand you can like and love your self again. You have the strength to balance your life and thoughts for you, when you utilize common sense. Grow with your higher power, and be open to new things. Have fun each day in what you do. Stay in your health, stay in the moment!

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Phone call

It was -7 below with wind chill, a balmy sun up above and this writer was ready for some "self" time on a Minnesotan lake Christmas day! There were a few other's taking part on this great ice fishing day spread across the bay. I pulled the sled, and found my spot- or hoped to find the fishing spot of the day. Set up my ice house, and began to enjoy the real treasures of mother nature as I feel the energy getting stronger as I come to drill my hole in the ice. Finally, I get the task done, I use a old school auger as true Minnesotans use. Out of breath, I scamper into my ice house, and begin to reflect on how important that this writer can enjoy a couple of hours of pure bliss! The phone rings, I do not recognize this area code, but feel it is important I answer it. A young man's voice fills the ice house, one of stress, and panic. I sit down in my chair, and begin to listen. He is struggling, and apparently has no where else to call. I briefly tell him what I do, and begin to listen. My pole is bending, I watch it then stop. The man quickly becomes silent, I begin to talk. We talk for 30 minuets, he appears stable, and we have a positive plan. I feel lucky to be his phone call on Christmas. We all need support, and for what ever reason, this phone call was another Christmas gift to this writer. I'm hoping he is following through with the plan. I believe that a phone call can make the world of difference, regardless of how dire the feeling is. Back to ice fishing, I did not catch anything on this trip, but I did have the opportunity to listen and provide feedback to someone who really needed it. Remember, a phone call can be the first step in getting help, don't let your pride get in the way, so you to can find your "self" time, and listen to someone when they reach out. Stay in your health, stay in the moment!

Monday, December 24, 2012

Sick on Xmas

Things happen for a reason. This writer fervently believes this statement, preaching these exact words to the people I try and help or support. Well, unfortunately the germ bug has hit me hard as I try and get the strength to type this. Then I have to stop, and think. Wonder if I had to live with this feeling, weakness, symptoms every day, not just on Xmas? You know there all people all around the world that are sick, every day, every week, and continue to be sick. Sometimes that bug does not leave them, as I know mine will. My heart goes out to those families, elderly and children. Sick or not, I am blessed to be part of your reading today, and want you to give some positive energy to someone who needs it, deserves it, and maybe is not expecting it. This is a special time for addicts and families all over our earth. Recovery to some may be the greatest gift of all. I think we all know someone or have been linked to a family who is struggling with addiction. My Xmas wish for all of you, as I'm under the weather so to speak, is to find those thoughts, and let those thoughts become positive so you can share them with someone who really needs that positive energy! Stay in your health, stay in the moment.

Monday, December 10, 2012

How to change a thought?

Changing destructive, dysfunctional, unhealthy behavior is as simple as changing the thought into something positive. This writer is a big subscriber in understanding how self has the power to change the thought at the time of the negative. The power of thought is for self to pick and choose which thoughts are healthy and unhealthy. The brain is a powerful entity that you can control! Each craving or urge you have the power to let go, and change that thought to something positive. Unhealthy behavior prides itself on you making negative choices and taking destructive risks that enable you to be out of control. The impacts of negative behavior, lead back to the addiction cycle. Common sense is part of the process in the understanding how self can use the brain. Each negative thought you have the choice to make it bigger. When self cognitively makes the thought bigger, you become more anxious. This can lead to relapse for some addicts. Now let's use your common sense. If you already know that addiction is destructive, why allow the thoughts to get bigger? The risk is not worth the reward. If it were, then the reward would be one of the following while you were using: healthy interpersonal relationships, positive self-esteem, working through grief/loss and liking/loving self. Start changing the negative thoughts into positive thoughts when struggle is present. Learn to struggle in a healthy way when self can control their thoughts. Try this the next time you have a negative thought or strong urge/craving. The next thought needs to be positive. Make it positive, think of something that gives you validation, a warm feeling, inner strength or healthy fun! Now think about how much positive energy that you get when thinking about this thought. Play it forward in your head. This is where your common sense it pivotal. Trying to go back and rethink the negative thought won't give you positive anything! The positive thought will give you a reward. You are in control of your thoughts now. Know matter how compulsive they may be, you still can change it, and slow down the thinking process. Take a breath, after you begin to change the thought. Exercising is a perfect way to keep the positive thoughts going after you were thinking about something negative. Give yourself credit for changing that thought. Journal about your experience. Self has common sense, use it! It starts with self, then we have to balance are thoughts, letting go of the negative. Utilize your higher power for you! It can be anything you want. Finally, have fun being in control of your thoughts. Stay in your health, stay in the moment.


Tis the season that brings unwanted isolation to people in and out of recovery. Many of our clients and referred patients from care providers seem to struggle with isolation. It is important for self to be able to recognize isolation behaviors, before they get out of control. Remember isolation behavior starts as a thought. Self can control the thought if aware of the pattern. When you become less interested in things that you normally do on your daily routine can be a warning sign. Slowly you may begin to sleep longer throughout the day and stop doing your daily hygiene is another early sign that isolation behavior is lingering. Self begins to break off all communication with others. Family is usually first, followed by friends, and then peers. Self stops going to meetings, and all other mental health appointments. Your daily routine becomes more of a isolation routine. Being by yourself is not healthy during this time of the year. Reach out when you begin to feel any of these warning signs, do not let yourself get back into this unhealthy cycle. Relapse is right around the corner when self is stuck isolating. Remember, it's ok to have a urge or craving, but it's how much energy you are going to put into that urge or craving. Let it go, it's just a thought. Isolating behavior will only make things worse, learn to recognize the warning signs and talk about it. If you keep to your healthy routine, isolation behavior is cut off. Use your common sense, be active, and willing to work through the behavior. Stay in your health, stay in the moment.