Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Ooops wrong kid or was it?

Some of you who know me personally, and others who are learning about me will get a healthy giggle out of this shared experience. The other day I am picking up a teenager at their school, (I hit three high schools a week where I provide addiction education) and we are talking through the struggles. I take each kid out to lunch, and we begin our session. This particular day, my teenager was wearing his normal attire but had a baseball cap on. I'm sitting in line, ordering our food, and it is really busy with all types of people getting lunch during their busy day. As I get our lunch, I'm searching for my client, and see him in the corner, facing the window. I'm hoping his journal is out and he is ready to work! As I begin to get closer, I find my seat, and sit down, asking him how his day is going. Then all of sudden, the kid looks at me, and it's the wrong kid! My client is shouting across the room and signaling me where he is. This other kid, had the same exact hat on, and kinda of looked like him. I apologize, and he gives me this unusual look. My client, thinks I need a shrink, and we continue on our session. We finish up, and head to the parking lot. I drop him off, and wish him a positive week, and will see him next week, same time, etc. Yesterday, we are getting lunch, and that same kid that was in Mac /Dons comes over to us and asks to join us. Before I could say anything, my client says sure, and now we are three. This unknown kid, is homeless, and needs some support. I was able to find a shelter for him, and got the call this early morning, that he is doing well, and wondered the next time I can see him. That next time will be friday! Ooops, is right, sometimes things fall into your lap, when you least expect it. Respectfully, I don't think this would of happened if my teenager would of reached out like this, and I know he would not of reached out like this if he was not clean and in the moment! Stay in your health, stay in the moment.