Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Inspiration comes in all forms

Sometimes we look to hard for things that can inspire us, this writer included. I was in a rush to get junior off to his school home base, and myself to work. I was signing him in, and began to walk faster, (you all know the feeling) when you are late, you want to just jog, or even run, but you need to be professional- walk faster right? As I turned the corner, there was this younger girl, getting her locker stuff, she turned and looked at me. I smiled and said keep up the good work. Her staff person with her, looked at me with interest. The girl then came up to me and gave me a hug! I gave her one back! She smiled even more. Her staff person called her back, and said sorry about that, I think she likes you. I said, sorry about what? She made my day. The staff person says well most people don't take the time to notice her, or even talk to her at times. She has autism you know. I said, I did not even notice (obviously I know) I really appreciated the hug as I looked at this young person. Inspiration comes in many forms. We often are in a hurry to get to one place. This inspiration was easy, I was not looking for it, it came to me. How fortunate I am to be part of a little girls thoughts and receive inspiration. Continue to work on yourself. Balance your day with positive thoughts and learn to slow down. That higher power that guides us gives us inner strength and faith! Life is fun when we are in control and trying new healthy things that give us positive energy! Stay in your health stay in the moment.

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Medication, medication, and medication

Medication is an important tool to help with your mental health. Taking your medication every day as prescribed is part of your daily routine. Medication will not make all your problems go away! It is very important that self is able to work their routine and incorporate medication into the routine. Talking about your problems, exercising, and working through your problems will help you balance your day. I have found many clients have unrealistic expectations of what medication will do for them. Some clients appear to think if they take their medication, (which is positive) that they do not have to work their program any more. This is untrue. The clients that remain sober, clean, and in their health are the one's that control their thoughts, exercise, journal, talk through their problems, go to support groups, work their daily routine, and take their medication. Medication management and implementing a positive routine work together in order for self to be balanced in their thoughts. Give yourself credit for taking your medication but you also need to work your program. The combination of taking your prescribed medication and working a healthy routine will help you stay in the moment. Learn to like and love yourself again. Balance your thoughts, and your life with positive energy. A higher power will help guide you through the challenges in life, and help you see the positives. Fun is waiting for you! Stay in your health, stay in the moment.

Monday, July 8, 2013

Impulsive behavior

If there is one trait that most addicts have in common, it appears to be impulsive behavior. I know when I was deep into my spiral of addiction- impulsive I was 24/7! With that said- I'm going to go a step further- I fervently believe that the impulse mechanism in our brains begins before our addiction commences out of control. For example, this writer believes that addiction is a substitute satisfaction for an unmet need, right? If this is true, then we had unmet needs before we began to lose control with our addiction. Think back before you were in the addiction spiral, were you impulsive? Did you have impulsive behavior going on in your life before you began the addiction chase? Most of you I'm assuming did, and that is where I want you to think about this next comment. In order for impulsive behavior to start, self has to make this thought bigger! We obsess about how we need to do this impulsive thing, we do not let it our of our head. The unmet needs become so real, that we actually believe that we need to be impulsive to get the thought out. Slow down, this type of thinking will not help you. If you are willing to become impulsive about your thoughts, and do not let them out in a healthy way- you begin to portray impulsive behavior. Once this cycle is starting, you take risks, and soon can find yourself into an unhealthy addiction. Think things through, do not finalize thoughts in your head, there is always another way! You do not have to act on your impulsive behavior. Be aware and be able to understand where that impulsive thinking will take you. Be safe with your thinking, and allow yourself to relax. We use exercise as a positive thought changer when clients are struggling with impulsive thoughts and impulsive behavior. Get a work out in, and feel good about yourself. Validate self with how you did not act on the impulsive thought, instead you let it out with exercise. Journaling is another positive tool self can use when feeling impulsive. Let the thoughts out on paper. Move on to the next thought. You can explore your unmet needs in a healthy way when you are not acting impulsive! Exercise and journaling our two healthy skills that will help you with impulsive behavior. One thought at a time. Stay in your health, stay in the moment.