Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Challenge yourself

I can remember my college coach and soon after, the semi-pro, and pro coaches barking at me to challenge myself! This phrase became a personal code that in recovery as a addict and helper I try and pass on to my personal clients, groups where I speak to, and other helping communities that I provide addiction education training to. Challenge yourself means give it everything you have with all your energy! Push yourself through the personal struggle. Remember, when we were all in our addiction cycle, we pushed our self in a negative, exasperating, and insidious manner! If we can push our self in a positive, trying, accepting, and in the moment, we can challenge self to get through anything! Think of it like this. The reward is the challenge itself! Don't give up, stay balanced . Some days are harder, but you can challenge self to make it through. Let your mind be your compass. What ever direction you go, make it a challenge. Control your thoughts, think positive, challenge your brain to be in the moment. Mindful of where you are at today, and what you need to do to stay in your health. Each challenge you get through, is something to be proud of! Give yourself credit for all the hard work you put forth. Going to your support group, meeting with your helper, being responsible with your finances and working your job the best you can. Day to day challenges are something you need to accomplish. Be patient, sometimes you will not meet your challenge for that thought day, it's ok. There is the next challenge, and the next thought. One of life's challenges is to work through struggle in a healthy way! You already tried struggling in an unhealthy way, that is called addiction! Challenge yourself every day. Stay in your health, stay in the moment.