Thursday, September 19, 2013


One of the words that I try and use daily, with the clients I see and groups I facilitate is confidence. Being confident for self. What does that mean? Self has the ability to be confident when self is in the moment. Ask yourself this question. When you are balanced, working your routine, utilizing your higher power (what ever you choose) is life fun again? Confidence comes when you are doing things that help you learn to like and love self again. Sometimes we want to be confident instantly, right this second. As we all know, being confident takes time time. We need to slow our thoughts down and work our steps, one thought at a time. Being impulsive and making quick decisions are not going to help you be confident in your thinking or behavior. Remember, confidence starts when you are in control of your thoughts. When self is confident, the negative things around you slowly start to bounce off or go away. You are not dwelling on the negative, or making the negative thoughts bigger in your head. You glean how to work through struggle when you are confident in a healthy way! Exercising, journaling, and eating healthy will help with your confidence. Those past negative behaviors stay in the past when struggle is present. A inner confidence begins to build in your personality. Sure, you still may be sad, or struggling with some things in your life, but you are confident that you do not need to go back to the addiction or unhealthy behavior that you once portrayed. You begin to like who your are at this second! Today be confident in your thinking and you will see positive behavior. Stay in your health, stay in the moment.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Reading is everything!

The other day as I was working with a young kid from a rough neighboorhood of north minneapolis, a positive thing happened. It started with a franic phone call from his mother the night before. She was explaining to me that her child, who I have been working with the last few months as a volunteer mentor- was not reading his homework at night and getting notes sent home from school. This kid is in 6th grade, and a wonderful athlete. The story continues, this kid was not going to read he told his teacher and his mother. I picked him up, and instead of heading to the park to shoot hoops, and work on his life skills right there, we went to the library. His mood changed just like that. We walked into the library and found a safe place to talk in the back. He is giving me this tough, look! I told him to go pick out any book, know matter where it was, it had to be a book, then return back to me. After 5 minuets, he returned and came back with his choice of the book. The book was a fantasy, science fiction book. I then asked him to read me the first chapter, he complied. I know how to read tod, come on man he replied! I said, then why are you not reading your homework book at night. He replies, because I am one of three kids in my class who can actually read loud enough, and good enough, that I don't want to be called on by the teacher. That made perfect sense, I smiled and told him I appreciate your honesty. But, if your on the b-ball court, and your the only one who can make baskets, are you going to purposely miss the basket or not take shots, or not play for your team? Response, hell no! Ok buddy, heck no, but do you get my drift? Yes, he replies. It is a gift that you are a good reader, and positve speaker. Be proud of your intelligence, and let your peers see  how they too can enjoy reading at a positve level. He then began to read the next chapter. The next night his mother called me and asked what did I do? She replies that he brought three extra books home from the school library. Stay in your health, stay in the moment.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

A special day

Today is a special day, for one reason. We have 6 kids, well their not my kids, but college kids who started school today, and two others who start their academic career in the next month or so. These 6 personalities, female and male begin a new chapter in their lives, each working through the recovery model. This writer is giddy with their perseverance and positive energy that is needed to accomplish their goals. Over the years I have gleaned how important it is to give our future scholars addiction education. It is a wonderful feeling when a kid begins to transform into a positive, respectful, caring, balanced kid who graduates from their college. Watching the parents glow and speak of their once troubled child who is now a young person who likes and loves themselves is one of the best rewards that this writer can be part of. To many times we see kids drop out of college, or high school due to the addiction cycle. Each kid has the capacity to work on their self, balance their thoughts and show positive behavior, find a higher power where they can have faith, and have healthy fun in their lives and new interpersonal relationships. Indeed it is a special day. Stay in your health, stay in the moment.