Monday, November 18, 2013

Nothing is impossible

The story begins up in Northern, Mn. A Native American Reservation to be exact. Five years ago I was running a group and met this male youth, who was serving 6 months for a probation violation. He was filled with anger, and rage. I can remember the first few session with him on a 1:1 after group. I was not sure if he was going to assault me at times. Would not be the first for this writer. A couple years went by, and I still was able to connect with his family, and once in awhile he would be out of jail and come to the end of my groups. In 2012 he got a prison case, and was sentenced to 15 months. He ended up serving 11 months I believe. The last time we spoke was on the phone last feb. I was preaching to him how to do his time, stay in the moment, find positives each and every day, while trying to follow a daily routine that he could seek some validation from. He told me he would fight for money, or canteen, (items that a inmate could purchase) and that was how he would survive his sentence. I told him right there, yes you can fight D (that was his nick name) but you can always choose not to, and learn to work on your self. He replied so violently, that I almost had to end the conversation, that he needed money. I then called the prison, and got some information about jobs or school that inmates can do. I wrote him a letter, with the information, and talked to his uncle for nearly two hours on the phone. His uncle gave this information to D, while on a visit. Two months ago, I got a call from his Uncle saying if I would call his case manager at the prison. I did, and was overwhelmed with what I was hearing. D, decided he would work at a maintaince job, then he took a library job. His peers gave him a tough time for working, and he almost got jumped by some of them according to the uncle. In the library he began to focus on self, and he started to journal, or actually draw pictures of how he felt when he was angry. Then he would take these pictures and send them to his family. D got out of prison two weeks ago. He needed to get a job to support himself. His uncle had his pictures in his shop. The uncle was a mechanic. A week ago, a lady saw some of the pictures that D sketched, and asked where this person was. The uncle told the story to the lady waiting for her car, as it was being fixed in the shop. The lady called D, and offered him a job at her art studio. D took the job, and is currently working for this lady at her art studio. The lady died last week. She had cancer, and was given 3 months to live. Her family asked D to stay on and help with the family business. The phone rang, a hour ago, it was D. He was crying. We talked, and talked. D is going to continue his job, but said something that this writer could not believe. D said that for the first time in his life, he owned up to all the bad stuff in life, and prayed to his spirit. D was sexually abused for five years, ages 8 to 13. He let it all out. Everything. He then said, that this lady who offered him a job, was his higher power. I had to take a breath, my eyes were watering, the flood gates open. I put my mouth back to the phone, and said, yes D, she was and is your higher power. Stay in your health, stay in the moment.