Monday, January 6, 2014


When ever I do a new group, regardless of the classification of addiction or description of peoples in group. I outline the word shortcuts in big, long, letters, on the chalk board. I then peer into my audiences faces and watch their body language as I begin my opening day lecture. Now I'm not a gambling man anymore, I learned 15 years ago and change, that shortcuts were not going to enhance my own recovery. But, with that said- I observe 90% of my group participants do three things when I write the word shortcuts on my chalkboard. One, they shrug their shoulders, and their head nods down with a defeating look on their faces. Two, the eye contact from them to me quickly shifts to the floor, as I begin to describe the addicts behavior as a shortcut in life! Three, almost always there is someone in the group that is just itching to walk out of the room. My point is, shortcuts in our life do not help us balance our thoughts, achieve our goals, or improve are financial situation and lead us to healthy interpersonal relationships. Shortcuts are a waste of energy.They don't help us heal. We are leapfrogging important life skills and lessons when we skip steps. Each step, represents part of the journey you will need on your path to cross the next bridge in life. You will struggle in life, trust me, but it can be a healthy struggle where you are learning how to take each step, with each thought, one by one, making positive decisions with positive behavior. Self begins to feel positive! Self is creating balance in their life for the first time in a long time. A higher power is guiding you through struggle in a healthy way. The negative thoughts are not turning into negative behavior. You are changing the negative thought to a positive when you are not taking shortcuts. Life is becoming fun again! Self has created a healthy routine that does not take shortcuts anymore. You are slowing down your thinking and taking one thought at a time. It feels good! Journal, exercise, attend your support groups and participate in support groups. Positive energy appears within you. Stay in your health, stay in the moment.

Sunday, January 5, 2014


You can't change your past, predict the future, but you can control the thought now! I am now. That is the goal for 2014. Be comfortable with who you are now. It is a wonderful feeling to like your self again. Pick and choose the positives that you experienced from last year. Implement those positives to this year. Slow your thinking down when stressful situations appear. Self does not have to react with impulsive thoughts that can lead to being out of control behavior. Now is the time to utilize your common sense. One thought at a time. There is know reason to make things bigger in your head when you feel out of control. Self can control the thought, and focus on the positive energy. Balance your thoughts in your mind. Stay present in your thinking. Let the negative thinking out, and stay grounded. Why worry when you can't control the unexpected? Your higher power can help you stay in the now. Don't waste energy on things that may not go the way your assumed. Direct that energy into things you can control. In order to be in the now, self needs to exercise, and take care of your body which can be fun! When self is staying in their health, wellness begins to filter through your mind and you feel good about where you are now, at this moment. Racing thoughts seem to disappear, and you may feel an inner strength. That energy force is all about you. Your teaching your mind not to over react to things that cause you stress. Many clients share that they have a increased motivation as they glean how to stay in the moment. Think about the last time you were stressed or anxious about something? Now, put all of your energy into changing that negative thought to a positive thought. Stay in your health, stay in the moment.