Wednesday, March 19, 2014

You know you can, but you are choosing not to this second.

This time of the year is very difficult for many addiction behaviors. The St. Patricks day seems to kick start the behaivor for some. Winter blues to spring sunshine, depending on where you live. Then we have the sports, sports and sports viewing on television and the countless media attention that seem to trigger the past urges/cravings. This is evident in our crisis, referral phone line where many addicts and family members reach out because of their loved ones are spiraling into addicton again. I'm sure you know somoene at this hour or second that is struggling with this addiction behavior where ever you are in this world. Addiction is the substitute satisfaction of an unmet need. The next sentence is one that you can deliver to that struggling addict right now, this second, professional or not. You know you can, but you are choosing not to this second. What does that mean? My friends this is how self starts to be honest for the first time, in a very long time with where they are at right now! Sure they want to use, drink, gamble, purge, and have unhealthy sexual experiences. But, if you say this to them, and have them say this with you, together, you are meeting them with a positive thought! You know you can, but you are choosing not to this second. Help them change their thought with positive behavior. You will be surprised that the addict or person struggling with the addiction is listening to your words right now, and more importantly, observing your behaivor. In the past, you may have called out the ugly addiction behaivor, and the addict feels guilt, shame, and will lie to you right to your face. Been there, done that. But, this time, your support is creating a healthy boundary, in trying to understand where that addict is right now. I tell people, respectfully, I don't care what you have done in the past, but right now you know you can use, but you are choosing not to. It is amazing how those words appear to linger in the addicts head. The addict is use to hearing, no, no, you can't do that, it is killing you, and us! Training the mind to be mindful of what unmet need is missing can be a powerful realization. Stay in your health, stay in the moment.