Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Each day

Each day I try to find 15 minutes where I can calm my mind, find a quiet place, and relax all of my thoughts. Some days can be a challenge. There may be a awful lot of negative energy circling my brain. It can be difficult working with people who have many challenges at this stage in their life. They are choosing not to work on themselves in a healthy way. Families can be torn apart by this unhealthy dysfunction as some of you already understand this cycle. You do not have to have a addiction to calm your mind. Each day I make it a goal to find a secret spot. Be creative in finding your 15 minute respite. For this writer, it may be my car, or a quick stop at a rest stop. If time permits I will walk into the first church I see, and find a quiet corner. I can remember last week I found a old old, ice fishing house, and began my 15 minutes of healing my brain. Once you have found your spot, it can be anywhere, close your eyes, and think of all the negative thoughts that are on your mind this second. You need to spend some time on this. There my be some storms up there, right? Now, think of one positive thought this second. Think hard, and breathe. Smile. Laugh. Cry. Think positive. Let your mind drift with positive thoughts. Open your eyes. Feel the air, or what ever mother nature is bringing at this duration in time. Everything around you is secondary. You are in the moment. Balanced once again to start your next meeting, appointment, and task. Walk out of your destination with confidence. Each day make this your self time. Stay in your health, stay in the moment.