Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Leaves falling

Fall can be a positive time for everyone to reflect on their life at this very second. I was asked to talk to a jail deputy at her jail. Luckily, it was on my travel route, and I agreed. I was told she wanted to hear some information on how to run a jail group. We agreed to meet outside of the jail, there was a bench where we could talk. I got there early, I am always early, my clients say! It was windy, and the leaves were falling. The scene reminded me of my beloved snow flakes falling from the sky. I looked down and there was this older gentlemen looking at me. I said hello, and he just sat down. I then started to say something, and he cut me off so quick, that I think I looked at him with my mouth wide open, like a frog! I am the person you need to talk to Mr. I replied ok. What can I do for you sir? Well I think I have a problem. I began to listen to this person. Then his daughter came, and he left. Almost as quick as a fall leaf blowing from one side of the street to the next. She asked me how the talk went with her Dad? Again, I think my mouth was wide open, looking like a frog. This time it was her turn to talk. I listened and listened. Finally, I get to talk I thought. Then she thanked me, and went back to work, she was on her break. I got in my car and drove to the next town for my next session with a client. I got home that night, and started my evening notes from the work day. I had one last note to do, or did I? The discourse with the dad and his daughter. But, they did not want to see me for services, I think? Something did not appear the way it was suppose to appear. I revisited the conversations in my head. I understand the dad's challenge, and I think I understand the daughters words, but where was addiction services, mentoring, and life skills coming into this family? I decided not to post a note for now, and see if I get a return call or email. In my line of work, this can happen, but never like this I thought. The next day, I have to pass through town anyway to my other client. I stopped for some strange reason at the near by park, next to the jail, where the bench was. I even walked to the bench, and sat down, closed my eyes, feeling the fall leaves brush my face as they came down. I got up, and walked to my car. Then a police car approached me, and a familiar face rolled down his window. Hey Mr, I went to your website and read all of your blogs, everyone of them. I would like to talk to you again Mr. I know I am gay. I smiled at him, and replied, you don't have a problem you are a solution as the leaves were falling down. Stay in your health, stay in the moment.

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Looking at a train engine

This weekend I was working with some families comparing their communication over the last year. A positive feeling to go around the room and hear about how each family member is experiencing change. Family communication is the pillar for working through struggle as a family unit, when dealing with addiction. This particular family has made vast improvement with their listening and communication styles. Family members working together as they help support each other. One of the family members would be graduating school soon, and be looking for his first career job. The conversation shifted quickly to a train, or working on train engines. Suddenly, Dad had gotten his laptop, while his son looked over and watched Dad find his train engine. Mom then, was watching eagerly on what the train engine would do, sound like, and perform. Dad was leading the discourse, while son was asking questions and Mom watching both of them. I looked at each family member, and smiled. They were working together on a goal. Everyone was taking turns talking, and listening. Sitting around the table watching a train engine, on a laptop never seemed so special. A year ago, there were tears, yelling, avoiding, and angry behavior around this same table. One family member was having difficulty getting off the train, if you know what I mean. Stay in your health, stay in the moment.