Monday, December 15, 2014

Skyping with A Veteran

Ok to share-

I am working with a Veteran via Skype. Our first session was early this morning. A 51 year old male. I met him at a group that I help out at once a month. He never said anything the first couple of times during group. Today, I was trying to give him some ideas on how to remain positive and motivated using our model. He listened as he listened during my group. I was about to draw a picture on the chalk board that I use when skyping when he asked me to draw him. I said ok. I'm not a handy with a marker, he abruptly said we know that, he continued, that is why we laugh when we see your stick figures. I started to make another stick figure, and added his face, shoes and hand. I drew one hand with five fingers the other with two. I then turned my chair and looked at him. He goes you drew it man! I go, yep. Then went back to my original thought in showing how to change a thought utilizing the mind. He abruptly again, stopped me in mid sentence. Tod, I am deformed, retarded, people look at me scared. I scooted my chair up, my face was right in the monitor. You are not mentally retarded, you are missing a thumb and two fingers, along with a shorter hand. You served our country, that is your job. You are a attractive 51 year old, who is very intelligent and needs to get back to work, and stop drinking your life away. Pause, pause, and pause. He started, then pause, then started, I know drinking wont bring back my hand. I waited, he then said, I'm not upset about my hand, I mean I am, but I'm upset that my other buddy lost his legs, and he is in a wheel chair, working, with two kids at home, and I am doing nothing with my life, except drinking. I looked at him, and said, brother you are alive, your buddy is alive, and it's ok to be scared but you still need to live each day, you know you can drink, but you can choose not to. I asked him to go to the group this week, and to start trying. He then said, does this mean you are going to call me every day to check up on me? I go, you already know the answer to that my friend. Stay in your health, stay in the moment.