Sunday, March 22, 2015

Emoji communication

I can tell this writer is getting old, and I mean out of date old with the rest of the technology world with clients. I enjoy spring for a number of reasons. The positive energy seems to melt the snow (which I pine for snow) and clients appear to have a new, healthy, boost in their step when the cold, ice, and below zero temperatures dissipate. I personally look forward to working with new referrals and their families as well seeing clients discharge and start their path of balance, higher power and creating healthy fun while they stay in the moment. There is something new this spring at Addiction Services, I have been forced to glean the Emoji communication symbols from my teenage clients near and far. A couple of weeks ago this communication became real for this writer. I got several texts from a new client. She was journaling via text for me, in Emoji symbols. At first thought, this was really creative and seemed like a breaking point for her and I to establish a working relationship. However, this writer needs to understand the meaning of the symbol in order to develop this interpersonal relationship, right? The slang of a teenager. Luckily, I have other teenage clients who use this scripted, code if you will, to help this old writer ascertain the true meaning. I know what all of you are thinking now? So much for the healthy journaling in Emoji communication. I decide to call my client and get to the bottom of this symbol jargon, or was it? She answered, I begin to ask questions, and hoping for her to self-disclose, (she goes only if you put this in your blog) sure I thought, this could be a positive for her, and others. She begins to dissect each symbol she chose to text me, and provide insight. This went on for a straight hour folks, and I think we were half way done? I was amazed at the creativity and her feelings. This was positive, I mean really therapeutic. She was journaling her thoughts, emotions, and letting the negative out in her Emoji, regardless of the content. I listened intently, as I was scrambling to write notes. Stay in your health, stay in the moment.