Sunday, October 25, 2015

Mowing in 38 degrees early morning......

Many of you will hear me preach exercise, and get outside to enjoy nature. I know I tell, text, our clients to be active on beautiful fall days. Today was the perfect example. Instead of taking my normal reflection walk this morning, I decided to mow as frost was trying to cover my leaf, filled, yard. I got on my favorite stocking hat, old hole sweats, and layered up for the crisp feeling of fall, soon to be winter. The lawn mower did not want to start, it was that cold this morning. As I started the lawn, something strange happened. I was looking at all of our Halloween decorations dancing in the wind on our trees when I looked up and saw a deer, looking at me from the side of the house. The noise of the lawn mower did not spook her. She looked right at me, probably 30 yards in the brush by the trees. I stopped mowing, but the mower was still going. I figured if I continued, she would prance off into the woods. All of sudden she, it was a doe, came out of the woods towards me. Like that I let go of the mower. At first I thought, there is no way she is going to come up the side and into the neighborhood. That would be impossible, right? She started slow, then turned like a rabbit and went back into the forest. I saw her jumping, over the brush every three feet. She ran all the way to the field. I started the mower again, and begin to think. If I would of waited to 11am to mow, I would of missed this. I continued mowing, and started in the back yard. The front was done, side completed, and I did not loose my train of thought and accidentally run over any Halloween decorations. I began to think of things that I was thankful for. Two things came to my mind. First,  I was able to mow, walk, exercise, and feel the air on my face. Second, I was grateful for every client that was trying to work our program. I then wanted to thank in my mind each parent and sibling that was part of the helping process. I was still mowing, but my mind felt stimulated with happiness. I could see each face that I try and help each week. My higher power was working. Something greater then me, that I could count on. I continued to think, and then it happened, just like that. I began to pray, row after row, I was mowing, but I also was praying. Stay in your health, stay in the moment.

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Sometimes listening can be giving.

Salutations from the ocean. (I wrote this last week on vacation/work) It was 85 degrees, the wind was blowing as I was watching the yachts come into the bay. The largest boat show in the world was gearing up right in front of our hotel. These vessels were voluminous at best. I was sitting on the dock reflecting on the day. I looked over and under the bridge was a homeless man. He appeared to be getting his fishing pole ready to fish. He saw my glance, and waved his hand, I waved back. I then walked over and looked at him. Right away, I wanted to help. I offered him some money, he looked at me and said he was fine. He then started asking me questions. I answered all of the questions. I found myself sitting next to him on the pier, and we talked shop about fishing, and the different types of fish that could be caught in the ocean. I had taken my helper hat off (as my wife begs me to do when on vacation and just relax) and listened. He apparently had another peer, down the pier, who was his friend and they would go from bridge to bridge for sleeping. I apologized for offering money, and he said it was ok. I then asked if I could buy him some fishing gear, because I wanted to buy some too. He thought that was a good idea after more talking. I gleaned that this person was a school teacher years ago, lost his wife to cancer, and his son was killed in prison. He went through a rough patch with alcohol, and was trying to take day by day. I kept to my word, and did not ask anything about his alcohol behavior. He then shared that he was going into a homeless rehab next Monday, when a bed was available. I kept to my word, and did not ask anything about his alcohol behavior. He then went on to talk about some positive things he was looking forward to doing once in rehab. He then caught a fish, reeled it in, I was able to take off the hook for him. My son was calling for me down the dock, and I thanked the man for his company. Sometimes listening can be giving. Stay in your health, stay in the moment.