Sunday, February 28, 2016

A pig intervention, or family culture

I must admit, I am still not sure if I can call this blog a intervention or family culture experience. Yesterday was a busy day working with families and meeting new families. In this particular case, (ok to share) I found my self sitting on a folding chair, in a big red barn, with a table full of strangers, (nine of them to be exact) with a smell of a pig! That is correct, we were eating ham, fresh from the barn, did I say fresh? I mean right there folks, the best ham I have ever had in my life. The story continues and I am looking at this large family gathering. Should I start talking? The parents of the table were quiet. The brothers and sisters of the table were quiet. My future client was the only one talking. I was trying to elicit conversation, or at least mere feedback. I could hear, the eating of everyone, and was astonished how each person was paying attention to my client and his words. I let him finish his conversation. I was going to start up my intervention, in the red barn, around the large table, when the father stood up. All seven kids, except the mother, who remained sitting stood up to. Ok, this was unfamiliar to this writer. Do I stand or sit, stand or sit. I am at a farm, in a barn, trying to go with the flow here gang. Looking desperately for a sign, hint, calling, prompt, anything! All of a sudden the father took his plate, and the rest of the group followed with their plate to go get more ham. I'm in, I did to! We came back to the table, ate, and then said a prayer. I thanked each person, shook hands with the mother and father. Talked briefly to my future client, and left. A pig intervention or family culture? Stay in your health, stay in the moment.

Breakfast with a family working together

Yesterday was a healing day if I may say so. Working with a family over breakfast. Both parents sharing their stories and trying to get their kid able to see the positive. I find myself listening and watching each parent reflect, and share. Six months ago, I am not sure we could of had this conversation. There was a higher power looking over us during breakfast. I could feel it, and I am pretty sure the parents of my client could feel it to. I being the eternal optimist, and positive thinker, think my client could feel it to. I often wonder what a client feels when his or her parents are trying their best to support and guide. As a helper, this is where I fervently believe something greater then self, is helping. A higher power. Communication and being able to listen to your child when he or she is struggling is paramount in developing a healthy interpersonal relationship. Many of you reading this right now will struggle with this concept. You are human. When negative energy is present some of you will get angry, and forget how to communicate with your kid, regardless of the age or current challenges. In this breakfast meeting, both parents were balanced and setting appropriate boundaries with their kid and self. The point of this particular blog, is parents have the unique, powerful, and everlasting voice in their kids ear. The trick is to be positive in your words, but honest and supportive in the outcome. You as a parent will pick and choose the words as you communicate to your child. As you work together with your spouse and your child, positive energy flows through your higher power. Amen. Stay in your health, stay in the moment. Self-Balance-Higher Power-Fun