Tuesday, April 26, 2016

A Poem

Watching a client come into her own is a reward with in itself! This particular client (addiction behavior) would have panic attacks when she talked in front of a group or had a school project with talking. This client and I would role play talking in front of each other, working on remaining calm, and collective. I think we had over 30 session's targeted on how to deliver a speech or a presentation while controlling our nervous thoughts. The hard work paid off! This young lady, got up and spoke to her class peers citing a poem for 10 minuets. She received a A+ for her poem. Then, she was asked to present the same poem to a much larger audience at a middle school. She accepted the challenge and delivered a beautiful, well spoken, poem. This writer had the opportunity to watch her. She was amazing. Her parents could not believe what they were seeing. They were not surprised in how she created this poem, but she did it clean, no self-medicating behavior needed. Stay in your health, stay in the moment.