Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Biking with the older, racquetball with the younger........

Sunday was a day of age. This writer feels his age daily, but in this case, I was able to experience what it would it be like to be over 60 on a bike going 20 miles or turning the clock back, and being early 20's playing racquetball, running around jumping off walls, and being able to move like a deer. Observing a client bike at the age of 60 and watching 20 year olds play racquetball is how I make the best of my current age. The truth is I am not 60 or 20, but fortunate to enjoy exercise sessions with others. You do not need a addiction to exercise. Yes, if you are working through a addiction of any kind, exercise is the ticket. Our program is based on self as many of you understand. Addiction is the substitute satisfaction of an unmet need, right? Why not substitute exercise with that unmet need, and put positive energy back into yourself? Over the years, when we were out of our health, gambling, self-medicating, purging, unhealthy sexual behavior and stuck in that addiction cycle we did not exercise. The negative energy consumed us. Our fun was gone, life was out of balance. When we look in the mirror, our self-esteem was negative. Sunday I was able to transform my thoughts on what it would be like to be 60. Would I be able to go 20 miles? The answer a resounding, hell ya! Why you ask? Because I am in the moment, balanced, working on self every day and having healthy fun. It's never too late to work on self. Addiction or not. Playing racquetball with two kids in their early 20's. Boy did that bring back memories when I was 20 doing the same thing they were. Age is what you make it. You are in control of your thoughts and can do anything you put your mind to. The healthy mindset is what self can control. Exercise is something that all of you can experience. Start a exercise routine today, and stay consistent with your program. Don't take short-cuts, remember that is how the negative energy starts up again. Find a sport or activity where you can sweat and feel good about self. Trust me, the urges and cravings quickly diminish when you are working out and in control of your thoughts. Self becomes stronger mentally then physically. I am still sore from that 20 mile bike ride, and aching ankles from racquetball. Remember I'm on one wheel when playing any sport now! Stay in your health, stay in the moment. Self-Balance-Higher Power-Fun

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