Monday, October 3, 2016

A phone call from the inside

Each client is different. Each client is going through something that many of us are not privy to in our life. We all make mistakes, but some mistakes appear to be harder then others. This story begins with a older man who had everything. He was rich, high-profile job, and a family that appeared to be something that many of us aspired to be. Our program is 100% confidential. As I would love to share all of our stories, (I think peoples challenges can only help others) we respect our client's and referred patients wishes. In this case, I am able to share a glimpse of what this particular client is going through. Currently he is awaiting sentencing. This is his first experience in custody and jail. Never has he been arrested for anything in his entire life. His wife is seeking a divorce. The phone rang, as it usually does at this particular time. But this time was different. It was not my client, but a rough, sounding woman voice, who identified herself as a case manager at the jail where he was at. I listened to the woman, and then the phone was given to my client. He was quiet, and afraid, I sensed. I found out he was facing another possible charge. I asked him to thank the case manager for calling me, and go back to the day room and call me right there. He complied with my request, and called. He was in a fight two months ago, which landed him in the hole, and now was feeling helpless, and I could tell ideation was crossing his thoughts. He then shared with me, that he did have the opportunity to gamble last week, but did not. I automatically, made this the premise of our quick conversation. I could tell, he was feeling positive about this choice. We talked more about how he was able to control his urge to gamble and he thought about the ramifications if he got caught gambling inside of the jail. The next comment from the phone gave this writer hope that he indeed was trying to make positive choices. "I wrote a letter to my wife and apologized". I listened more to his words. Our time was coming to an end, as the voice recorder was letting us know our phone time was up. Stay in your health, stay in the moment. Self-Balance-Higher Power-Fun

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