Sunday, January 29, 2017

A college visit

Our college mentoring program is one that allows the family to take part in when visiting a prospective college with the future college student. Last week, this writer had the opportunity to head to the mountains of Georgia and visit a beautiful college. Over the last few years I have visited thirty plus colleges with families and my clients all over the USA. Watching a teenager experience what the college tour is all about is amazing. Watching her mom, watch her daughter experience the college visit, is mesmerizing. Parents work very hard to mentor, coach, parent and help provide the vision for their child to go to college. In our program, we assist the family, and help navigate the prospective college student with life skills to achieve a positive educational platform that makes it possible to go to college. As we are walking with the tour group with other students and their families I begin to notice a focus with this teenager. She appears attentive, eager, excited and driven. Then I look back at her mom, and I see the same passion in her. Each building we tour, each panoramic view there seems to be positive energy cloud following us, or a higher power. Stay in your health, stay in the moment.

A photo album

It was a balmy Saturday, in January across the mighty Mississippi river in Wisconsin. A family session was about to begin. I began to take out my yellow memo pad (many of my teenage clients have jokes about this) and start our session. I begin to start with our goal progress when my teenage client throws, yes throws a old, leather, photo album on to my lap. Her mother started laughing, and I could here her brother in the background going, "oh no not this...". Well, this writer is a sucker for pictures as many of you know reading this positive energy blog. I put my trusty, yellow memo pad down and begin to turn the pages. At that second, literally, I was surrounded by two teenagers on each side of me on the couch, a cat on my shoulder, and their mother at our feet on the carpet helping me turn the photo pages slowly, making sure that their was a story for each photo. Now, how long do you thing this lasted? Two hours later we turned the last page of photos. Stay in your health, stay in the moment.