Sunday, January 29, 2017

A photo album

It was a balmy Saturday, in January across the mighty Mississippi river in Wisconsin. A family session was about to begin. I began to take out my yellow memo pad (many of my teenage clients have jokes about this) and start our session. I begin to start with our goal progress when my teenage client throws, yes throws a old, leather, photo album on to my lap. Her mother started laughing, and I could here her brother in the background going, "oh no not this...". Well, this writer is a sucker for pictures as many of you know reading this positive energy blog. I put my trusty, yellow memo pad down and begin to turn the pages. At that second, literally, I was surrounded by two teenagers on each side of me on the couch, a cat on my shoulder, and their mother at our feet on the carpet helping me turn the photo pages slowly, making sure that their was a story for each photo. Now, how long do you thing this lasted? Two hours later we turned the last page of photos. Stay in your health, stay in the moment.

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